December 20, 2018: The HUMIT project was concluded end of June 2018. A final report in German is available here. More reports and publications can be found in the publication section.

February 15, 2018: HUMIT system description and demonstration video now available

November 6, 2017: On Warehouses, Lakes, and Spaces: The Changing Role of Conceptual Modeling for Data Integration

December 7, 2016: soventec presents HUMIT at a meeting of the Life Science Nord network

June 30, 2016: Fraunhofer FIT and RWTH Aachen present their data lake system Constance with a use case from the HUMIT project at the SIGMOD conference

January 15, 2016: HUMIT approach is presented at the Big Data Networking Event of the EU in Brussels

November 5, 2015: Data Lakes: Solution or Challenge for Big Data Integration? (slides in German)

May 7, 2015: HUMIT presents itself at Big Data conference on May 7th in Berlin